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After that, he has to face down baddies who would have it destroyed, but more important, he has to grapple with what one would do with such an elixir.

Doctor Strange

As is always true of Vaughan, the narrative is as clear as it is thrilling, and so is the pencil work of artist Marcos Martin. The comics world had gone without a Doctor Strange solo ongoing series since , but with the movie on the way, the publisher kicked him back into the spotlight in Fortunately, this was no mere cash-in: The creative duo that helms this new title is fantastic.

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Writer Jason Aaron is widely regarded as one of the best writers in the industry today, and artist Chris Bachalo has a sumptuous style that looks unlike anything else on the comics page. The story is exciting, funny, and eye-poppingly gorgeous. Already a subscriber?

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Expand your horizons with five definitive 'Doctor Strange' comics.

Brought to you by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth. With Doctor Strange hitting the big screen later this week, you might be curious as to what Doctor Strange comic book stories you should read. The result is a collection of stories that range from some of his earliest up until his current adventures with many more sprinkled in between. All of these stories are available in print you can find out where exactly below each listing as well as digitally through Comixology , the Marvel Comics digital store and Marvel Unlimited.

This is the story that brought Doctor Strange to the world! Strange enters his dreams to find the cause and defeats the being responsible.

Strange Master of Black Magic! It can also be read digitally. But what an origin story it is! Stephen Strange was a talented surgeon, but downright selfish. Wandering aimlessly, he treks to Tibet to look for The Ancient One, a practitioner of magic which could potentially repair his hands.

The Origin of Dr. A few years ago Marvel did a string of graphic novels which gave modern retellings of their heroes.

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Overall, the line was hit and miss. Many of the characters involved had their origins told and fleshed out extensively over the past 50 years so there was little new to explore. But the one that did shine out amongst them all was Doctor Strange: Season One. Season One uses that as a starting point and then tells the story of his training to become a master of the mystic arts. Doctor Strange: Season One is available in trade paperback and digitally.

So when the Eternity Saga came out at a whopping 17 parts!

The results are an international and inter-dimensional manhunt which tests Strange to his limits — with and without magic.