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In this episode listen to our thoughts on things to consider. Learn how I've evolved my grading suite in the past 2 years. I added new hardware and adjusted my layout to fit new, advanced workflows. Working as a freelance colorist seems like freedom and flexibility. But what do you do on vacation - and the client has urgent revisions? Premiere Pro has strict, but hidden, color management. Learn how to set up and use Resolve Fusion's point- and planar- trackers.

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You'll deal with occlusions and see a powerful tracking technique. DaVinci Resolve 16 is very exciting. But it's currently in 'Public Beta'. What does that mean? Can you update to it safely? We take a look at Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 and ask, as creative professionals, was it too dark and where did it go wrong?

In this installment of From The Mailbag we discuss a member's question on how to handle a DP who doesn't trust any monitor in a facility.

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Failure is a part of any business, but how you process and recover from failure can make a big difference on how you succeed next time. A video review of how PixelTools uses the native tools in Davici Resolve to construct custom looks and utilities with PowerGrades. High Dynamic Range color grading is challenging. Resolve 16 adds hundreds of features, including powerful new adjustment clips. Learn how to use them streamline your grading workflow. Take your color grading work to the next level in DaVinci Resolve.

Learn how to use mattes generated in the Fusion page on the color page. The Team discusses a new training title we produced for Dolby about creating Dolby Vision content.


Plus, Our thoughts about NAB Dan shares his breakdown of cleaning up a bike frame using the color compressor and node resizing in Resolve. In Part 3 of this series, you learn about the evolution of digital video from Standard- to High- Dynamic Range.

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Why is it here to stay? Dan shares his thoughts behind his solution to removing a reflection using Resolve's Color Page - on a 16mm shot with moving grain structure. Did you know Premiere Pro CC has three project types? Standard, Shared, and Team. What's harder than faking a VHS-look from a high-end camera? Intercutting that look with actual crummy VHS. Learn one way to do it.

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Every year Dan looks back at the previous year and shares his greatest successes. This year, he focuses on his most memorable jobs. Do you perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis when color correcting or finishing? Then learn how to use DCTLs to automate those tasks! Learn how to avoid two problems when color correcting using Premerie Pro's Lumetri workflow. It's all about recovering clipped detail. Maybe you've heard of blockchain? Learn how this new technology is going to impact the post production industry and what's holding it back.

Dan wraps up his behind the curtain series with a watch through and matching pass on the whole video to make sure it flows as a whole film. Team Mixing Light revisits the idea of using a single large format monitor in a color suite. Is it a viable solution? Now learn its huge time-saving benefits. Dan shares his story from a recent "not so near-set grade" for an upcoming collaboration with friends on a short film.

Learn how to deconstruct a pre-built Fusion animation that ships with DaVinci Resolve. After studying one, we revise our animation to match. Building out node trees on the DaVinci Resolve Color page can be a messy affair. And haphazard. Learn how to develop a personalized node tree. These 'don't miss' color grading related articles and videos are culled from 's 4th quarter of the weekly curated Tao Colorist Newsletter. Dan picks up where he left off in this series on real time grading a music video. In part 2 we look at the noisy internal scene. In this From The Mailbag, our team answers a member question about how to handle periods of not feeling creative in the color suite.

Dan shares his thoughts on trying to clean up his grades in and moving away from his favourite film emulation techniques. In this Insight, Robbie takes a look a the new Apple Mac Mini and how he's using it in his color suite. Finding the right balance of noticable and realistic is always a challenge.

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Dan shares behind the curtain on a film release print style grade. Resolve's new scripting APIs open up exciting new possibilities. Learn how to get started by using Python to import comments from Frame.

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In this installment of From The Mailbag, Team Mixing Light discusses if it's a colorists' responsibility to archive media and project files. Dan shares his technique of using the multiply blending mode to recover highlights easily and naturally via a layer node. Team Mixing Light discusses color correction business issues. Mixing Light's Dan Moran who recently went independent is our subject.

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  7. The 5 'pillars' of the digital video revolution evolve at a different paces - but are driven by the same force. We covers two more pillars. In this Insight, Robbie looks at 5 pre-grade tips that can help you increase your overall session speed when it comes time to grade a project. Digital video post production and color grading is rapidly advancing. Which technologies do you need to prepare for?

    And why? Plus, Mixing Light's partnership in China.

    Dan kicks off a new grading challenge where he plays your client. It's based on a 90s pop video style color grade he recently recreated. Drone footage is a very common occurance on timelines these days. Dan shares his techniques for adding depth to the footage. Resolve 15 supports the ability to create DCPs natively. In this Insight, learn how that works and get back ground info on essential DCP specs. Sometimes we are gifted with better sun than other times.

    In this Insight Dan shares his experience on a job shot over multiple months. If you want to upgrade from an earlier version to DaVinci Resolve 15 then how do you do it safely? This checklist will help you out. In this Insight, Dan shares his experience in developing a look to back up the lyrics and narrative in a music video by his favourite band.

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    In this Insight, learn about the basic design of the Lumaforge Jellyfish Mobile, and why it might be a perfect solution for your set-up. Summer round-up of don't-miss color correction tutorials from other websites with commentary. We wish we had them here, first. Exposure shifts creep up in projects regularly. With the right node structure and correct technique you can easily fix these in seconds. Learn manual and automatic double-system sound sync.

    The only person that is going to inspire you is yourself. A Look Library surrounds you with inspiration keeping you motivated and current. Now that DaVinci Resolve is gaining tools by the month, Dan takes a look at managing the node graph to keep things organised and flexible - with the goal of allowing for quick changes. Team Mixing Light continues the advice theme of recent episodes and discuss the best advice that we've received that's helped our color correction careers.

    From attitude to technical and creative advice it's all helped each of us have successful careers. What makes an award-winning grade so special? Dan attempts to break down what made the Lacoste, Timeless commercial so special and how we can pick up some tips to use on our own grades. It's been a little over a month since NAB In this From The Mailbag, we sit down to discuss all the things we saw including our thoughts on Resolve 15, new HDR monitoring, control surfaces and more.

    The latest release of DaVinci Resolve 15 is very exciting. What does this term really mean? And how can you update to it without putting your computer or your projects at risk? Recently we've been getting a lot questions from young members asking how to get started as a professional colorist and how has grading changed over the years?