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This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Syria. Skip Navigation and go to main content Bestsellers Books. Print this page. The Concise Oxford Dictionary o Scarecrow Press.

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By Sarah Rice. By William Bradford Huie. By Christa Schroeder. Up De Graff.

The Ancient Middle East: Every Year

By Jesse Goldhammer. By Ethan Nebelkopf. By Rupert Isaacson. By Paul Marcus. By John R. By Malidoma P. By Muata A.

By Chryssi Bourbou. By Pradip Kumar Bose. By William H. By Bruce Haley. By Joseph Wong. By Terese Marie Mailhot. By Jack House. By Bob Drury. By Alexander Campbell. By Edward Clarence Farnsworth. Home Books History. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Originally part of an ancient Roman tradition, hammams were absorbed by Islam to such an extent that many became almost annexes to nearby mosques. For centuries, hammams were an integral part of community life, with some 50 hammams surviving in Damascus until the s.

Since then, however, with the onslaught of modernization programmes and home bathrooms, many have been demolished; fewer than 20 Damascene working hammams survive today.

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In Hammaming in the Sham, Richard Boggs travels the lenth and breadth of modern Syria, documenting the traditions of bathing in Damascus, Aleppo and elsewhere, and his encounters with Syrians as they bathe. In his portrayal of life in the hammams he reveals how these ancient institutions cater for both body and soul, and through his conversations with the bathers within, he provides insights into the grass roots of contemporary Syrian society. Approximately colour photographs acompany the text, portraying the traditional neighbourhoods of Damascus and Aleppo, and the almost religious feel of the hammams.

The author's intimate portraits of the baths' employees and bathers show a unique side of Syria rarely exposed to the outside world. Discusses the origins of Nazism in the occult Thule Society, which promoted the racial superiority of Aryans, exploring its attempts to create an anti-Semitic front for promoting its beliefs and the founding of the German Workers' Party. With the transfer of power from Fidel Castro to his brother Raul and subsequent reforms impacting virtually every aspect of Cuban society, Font sociology, City U.

To that end, they have emphasized fresh research and emergent perspectives in this collection of 23 essays exploring the economy, politics, civil society, and foreign relations of Cuba. Examples of specific topics include: evolving policies towards small enterprise, foreign exchange constraints, agricultural transformation, tourism, market-compatible reforms, the politics of culture, expansion of religious media, the political strategy of the Cuban Catholic Church, race in Cuban society, Afro-Cuban cultural production, Cuban Freemasons in the development of civil society, and Cuba-US biofuel production capability.

Three of the contributions are in Spanish and the rest are in English. Handbook of Diplomacy - By Tobias C. Spanning ancient Egyptian culture ca. A-Z articles on all aspects of Spanish culture. A Handbook on Leprosy By S. Als solcher musste er sich allerdings erst historisch herausbilden.

Middle East & Islamic Studies: a Research Guide: Specialized Subject Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

In Deutschland weist er mit seiner territorialen Vielfalt eine lange Tradition voller Konflikte und Einigungssuche auf. Er stellt differenziert Inhalte und Strukturen der bundesstaatlichen Ordnung in Deutschland dar. Handcuffed to History By S. At the height of the civil rights movement in the s, few civil rights workers ever set foot in Clarke County, Mississippi.

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Fewer still stuck around. Despite the call for equality that was sweeping the rest of the nation, Clarke's black minority seemed isolated from these trends. The county sat just south of Neshoba County, where white terrorists murdered three civil rights workers during 's Freedom Summer-squarely in what many activists considered Mississippi's and thus America's, meanest corner.

Local African Americans could easily answer why the movement failed to affect Clarke County. Some still recalled a bottomless hole in the snaking Chickasawhay River, where white vigilantes had for decades dumped the bodies of murdered African Americans. A young local rights worker named John Otis Sumrall would take newly arrived volunteers and journalists to the bridge as a form of initiation into Clarke County. From the depths of Jim Crow through the legislative triumphs of the mids, the memory and ongoing threat of racial violence in the Deep South shook national politics, shaped protest strategies, and connected bloody struggles for equality at home to conflicts abroad.

A gripping history of the heyday of public execution in England paints an unflinching portrait of slayings and the crowds who witnessed them and explores opinions of writers--including Boswell, Byron, Thackeray, and Dickens--on executions and their social context. Hannibal By Patrick N.

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What we know of him comes exclusively from Roman historians who had every interest in minimizing his success, exaggerating his failures, and disparaging his character. The charges leveled against Hannibal include greed, cruelty and atrocity, sexual indulgence, and even cannibalism. But even these sources were forced to grudgingly admit to Hannibal's military genius, if only to make their eventual victory over him appear greater. When he did not defeat them outright, he fought to a standstill the best generals Rome produced, and he sustained his army in the field for sixteen long years without mutiny or desertion.

Hannibal was a first-rate tactician, only a somewhat lesser strategist, and the greatest enemy Rome ever faced. When he at last met defeat at the hands of the Roman general Scipio, it was against an experienced officer who had to strengthen and reconfigure the Roman legion and invent mobile tactics in order to succeed. Even so, Scipio's victory at Zama was against an army that was a shadow of its former self.

The battle could easily have gone the other way.

Historical Dictionary Of Yemen Historical Dictionaries Of Asia Oceania And The Middle East

If it had, the history of the West would have been changed in ways that can only be imagined. Richard A. Gabriel's brilliant new biography shows how Hannibal's genius nearly unseated the Roman Empire. Indeed, most contemporaries described the dynastic union in imperial terms. This book traces the evolution of such thinking over the entire period of the union.

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Hard Charger! Based on field work in 22 villages of Carnia, a mountainous zone in the Friuli region of extreme northeast Italy. Explores such aspects as the practical organization of village life; communication, strength, and boundaries; social relationships and nature symbolism; Carnian society as a feedback mechanism; and regional identity and nationalism.

Developed from a doctoral thesis in social anthropology at the London School of Economics no date mentioned. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. A dramatic portrait of the legendary sea commander traces his rapid rise from an uneducated Dickensian childhood in midth-century Nova Scotia to the leader of ships that experienced high-danger adventures including a first documented solo journey around the world. By the award-winning author of The Duke of Deception. Set against the US's unified war efforts, the African-American experience during World War II underlines the racial discrimination and segregation which was common practice.

Brandt renders visible the invisible contributions of African-Americans in labor battalions and defense plants, their painful regulation to "second class" work, and the Northern soldiers' first encounters with segregation in Southern encampments. These and other events led to the Harlem riot of the expression of a rage and humiliation which was a precursor to the civil rights struggle of the s.

For a century Harlem has been celebrated as the capital of black America, a thriving center of cultural achievement and political action - a place at once bounded by inequality and imagined as a force against it.

Understanding the crisis in Yemen: What can be done? 🔊

Examining the epic Harlem of official history and the personal Harlem that begins at her front door, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts introduces readers to a wide variety of characters, past and present. At the heart of their stories, and Rhodes-Pitts's own, is the hope carried over many generations, hope that Harlem would be the ground from which blacks fully entered America's democracy.

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