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So did the London Book Festival!

Addressing Having to Poop When You're Running or Walking | Squatty Potty®

And always pointed: the brilliant wordplay serves the purpose of dazzling insight. He skewers his wife and he skewers himself again and again, and the repeated banana-peel-slips become a kind of healing mantra. If I had a dime for every winning pun on the trials and triumphs of early marriage and parenthood that Chad Thomas Johnston has to offer in his debut, I still might only come out with a dollar now that I consider the actual math.

But what a dollar it would be—rarer than a silver one, and in its own right a golden one. He exposes, like unearthed treasure, the opportunities we all have for epiphany, for drawing closer to one another and to God, for living the lives to which we are called.


I enjoyed it enormously. This is a love story about a man, his wife, and their baby. This is a love song to art, including music, movies and books.

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Mishaps like these—which are the exception, not the rule, on most whitewater trips—underscore an unsettling fact that most commercial passengers never have to confront. A Grand Canyon oar trip usually involves 16 passengers who ride in four boats and are served by a crew of six.

The other boat, my boat, is called the Jackass. Its key feature is a rectangular lid that creates a watertight seal to prevent spillage while locking in the odors well, most of them. When the lid is popped open, an aluminum flange called a riser is placed on top of the box and a toilet seat is mounted on the riser. Some guides also call it the duker or the unit. Then everyone gets out of the way while I heave the toilet components onto the front deck of the Jackass and, with help from a guide, lug everything to a private spot, screened by trees or rocks, away from camp.

I pull the lid off the box, slap on the seat, and declare the unit open for business. If everyone peed in the groover, all my rocket boxes would be full before we got halfway to Lake Mead. Many passengers are initially appalled by this.

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But once they get their minds around it, the clients usually come to see the unit in a radically different light. Professional poo-men help things along with an eye for aesthetics. At Whitmore Camp miles from Lees Ferry , we like to set up under an overhanging chunk of black lava in a spot bathed in the scent of verbena blossoms. At a place called Ledges mile , you have to climb 30 feet up a stone terrace and balance on a shelf of exquisitely sculpted Muav limestone.

And at mile , you can sit on the thunder throne while staring into the center of Deer Creek Falls, the longest and loveliest cascade on the river. Things were not always this organized. Back in the early s, when the business of Grand Canyon river trips was just getting started, the system was simpler, but not necessarily in a good way.

Run with Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo

That took care of everything. Well, yes and no. It became quite evident that something had to be done.

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  5. The answer was a compact toilet designed for small sailboats, which was introduced to the canyon in the early s. At least for a while.

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    The problem was volume. As river-running caught on, the number of people floating through the canyon exploded from just in to 9, in It was fucking hideous. A Flagstaff-based biologist, Carothers completed his first canyon trip for the Arizona Academy of Sciences in the spring of He was so horrified by what he saw that he set out to devise a better way.

    The trick was figuring out how to control the methane, a by-product of anaerobic decomposition, to prevent overheated boxes from detonating.

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    After cooking in direct sunlight, the expanding miasma of methane is capable of blowing the lid off the groover and enveloping an unsuspecting boatman in a blast of superheated crap. Carothers performed rudimentary tests involving glass jars, pipettes, and methane-generating contributions from his office co-workers. In , the Park Service made his technique mandatory—and, with only minor modifications, the system is still used today. Carothers also discerns a philosophical dimension to his work.

    The Wright Stuff: Style Doesn't Matter

    Then I stuff whatever garbage I can scrounge into a trash bag and drench it with liquid bleach to prevent the Jackass from turning into a floating fly farm. Today marks the end of our first week on the river, so I also perform a quick inventory to confirm that we have an adequate supply of toilet paper one roll per person for every five days , Clorox crystals, hand soap, air freshener, and, most important, empty rocket boxes.

    I carry a total of 11 to see us through a day trip, with a one-groover safety margin. Finally, I check the day-tripper—two smaller ammo cans containing a roll of TP, a jar of hand soap, and about four pounds of Feline Pine kitty litter. This system is for clients who cannot avoid using the toilet during the day.

    Another study found 93 percent of long-distance triathletes competing in extreme conditions experienced at least one symptom of GI distress. Nobody could possibly be offended by sweet tasting, rainbow-colored poop. Numerous factors are thought to contribute to gastrointestinal GI distress during periods of intense and extended physical activity, including the following:.

    9 things you probably didn't know about poo

    All of these factors contribute to looser stools and increased motility, which can result in an incontrollable urge to poop. Neither pooping your pants nor dropping your drawers outdoors is a pleasant experience, so how do you deal with the issue? Running dehydrates you, which can contribute to constipation. Taking something like an antidiarrheal to harden your stools will exacerbate the problem. While you may not be able to poop rainbows, you will earn the Unicorn Medal upon completion of eight select Color Run races across the United States. For more info, visit: TheColorRun. The words and other content provided in this post, and in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice.