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Thanks for visiting! He raves about how good the books are. Or maybe he raves because of what the books are. Regardless, his reviews and insight are superb. He is easily the best reviewer of Christian speculative fiction in the world today. No one else comes close to the depth of analysis and dedication to rooting out the backstory of the books he reviews. Of course, my definition is probably very different than most.

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Those who have read my reviews know that I do not like poetry, lyric fantasy, or time travel. But it is done well in this book. Those who like this type of book will really enjoy these three characters and the allegorical Lord who changes their lives. The characters are marvelous. The only trouble I had with it was trying to figure out what was going on. One I realized there was nothing happening of the type I normally enjoy, I was fine. The Holy Spirit is not seen. But, spiritual truth is readily apparant. This is very well done.

When Officer Chris Davis, of Arrow Springs, Missouri, rescues a young woman from a mysterious attacker, he steps into the center of a spiritual showdown. Following his heart, and a trace of circumstantial evidence, he embarks on a collision course with a government research facility and an unseen foe. One year before Dolly the Sheep, three humans were cloned in a small town in Missouri. If there is one thing that I dislike immensely is reading Book 1 of a series then having to wait for Book 2 when this first book has entertained me immensely, uplifted me spiritually and reinforced spiritual truths from the Bible.

All the three things that I expect to see and like to see from Christian fiction. This author delivers this with ease and expertise. Quite a feat and talent for his debut novel. This novel is predominantly about spiritual warfare between angels, fallen angels and humans. This novel is up there with Peretti and all the other authors who have successfully gone down this path like Peretti.

Twelve-year-old Ima Fredericks is a second generation mim manufactured image of man. Born and raised in the secret research facility known as CeSiR Tech, she discovered early in life that she was different—different from humans and different from the other mims. When the one person she trusts is murdered, Ima flees the only world she has ever known. But escape was the easy part. Can she survive in an unfamiliar world while hunted by the unseen forces responsible for the creation of the mims?

As a faithful warrior of the heavenly host, Adiya cannot understand why she would be assigned to protect an abomination created by the enemy. She trusts in the Creator s wisdom, but will she be up to this challenge? In a fell swoop, he throws reality out of whack and the world into chaos. God calls on Paul and his friends Amy and Joe to set things right. The young teens journey through a messed up world—with a little help from an angel—struggling against everything the Adversary can throw in their path to accomplish their Sudden Mission.

I liked the description of this book when I discovered the author from Vox Dei Publishing on Twitter. I reviewed another author from this company and I like how this company conducts its business, treats its authors, promotes its novels and its attitude towards Christian fiction. So I decided to buy this novel and support another new Christian author.

I am glad I read Sudden Mission. Pace admits that he is geared towards writing for young adults and this novel shows that very well. I have not read many novels in this genre but for those I have, I have enjoyed, and I did enjoy this one. I love novels about spiritual warfare where this is dealt with using Biblical principles. There are so many surprises, twists and turns in this book.

Times of Turmoil: a Christian Thriller (The End Times Saga #1)

I need to read the prequel and the next book too. I will be following this author for more of his writings!

Known only as Josef, the man found in the river desperately seeks answers, but his benefactor, Danijela, is being hunted. For Amy Gibbs, life moves on, and someone new has entered her life. But he has secrets, too. Although the story addresses human trafficking and prostitution, there were no graphic sex scenes and the topic was handled tastefully. Thanks to the author for shining some light on this modern tragedy. The Silenced Shooter Book 3 is the story of a conservative, third-party candidate for President who gives the two-party system its first run for the money and threatens the deep state complex known as The Assembly.

If you like mysteries, thrillers, suspense, you will love this book! He has written a real page-turner that spotlights the worst kind of governmental overreach. Make that a few new problems. Attacks on campaign personnel seek to derail their progress, while an attack on the monarchy in Great Britain spills over into this country.

DeGarmo begins with what might have been the climax of a lesser book and the roller coaster never stops. A fun and frightening view of what might be happening even now. Not for the paranoid. In Kidnapped Nation Book 6 , I delve into another area of government corruption, the taking of private lands after valuable natural resources are discovered. Based upon real events, the plot lines also become my most complex story yet, with simultaneous stories occurring in Idaho, St.

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Louis, and Washington, DC. This time around I could have throttled stubborn, not listening to you, Amy Gibbs.

timmtertides.cf You gotta read it! Lynch and horses, lions, tigers, and bears! Oh My! The MedAir Series goes international! The Khmer Connection Book 7 moves our main characters overseas. Amy tries to flee bad memories and start life anew, but the devil is on her heels. This book also tackles the vaccine issue, in ways you might not expect from a retired E. GREAT plot. All the bad guys get their comeuppance. GREAT author. On to the next one! Here it is. All three in one collection.

The Militant Genome was my debut novel, and many readers asked for a series with those characters.