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Virat Kohli all time leading run-scorer after record fourth ton. But Kohli has defied logic and laughed at the face of reason to hammer T20 runs from 26 matches this year. Of those , came in T20 Internationals, which included games against Australia and Pakistan.

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As many as have come in the course of 13 IPL games, a record. No other batsman has scored more in any single edition. No other batsman has scored four hundreds in a single T20 tournament. No other batsman has yet scored runs in the IPL. Virat Kohli is like no other batsman. This is where the constant comparisons with Tendulkar need to stop. India, as a country, is obessed with comparisons. Tendulkar was compared to Gavaskar and now Kohli must be compared with Tendulkar.

Sunil Gavaskar shaped his era as did Sachin Tendulkar. It is now time for Virat Kohli to do just that. The year-old is himself embarrassed with these parallels. Don't compare me with Sachin, I want to be myself, he pleaded recently. It is time for India to heed those words. Asking questions also has a lot to do with being curious about the people around you - ask them questions, be interested in them.

You never know what you might have in common with them and what relationships may come out of it! Keep examining your practice and taking the time to reflect. Reflection is the seed you plant, and putting that practice in place allows you to grow. Naturally, you have to understand that there are so many experiences to be had to allow you to develop tons of your teaching self; that is a mindset I adopted early on in September.

I believe that In order to be the best version of yourself as an educator, you have to stay true to who you are and your core values. So, be proud of who you are and be your authentic self! I hesitated to put this advice in the blog, but I realized that this was a huge component in my success this semester. Evidently, there is a fine line in the infamous concept of finding balance. A good start would be deciding what IS truly important to you and where you can put your time and energy.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of this program is the mentorship. I must admit, my in-school mentorship has saved me.

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Big time! Being able to choose an educator who is able to support me in every aspect of my teaching, in who I feel I can confide in and trust changes the game. I had the pleasure of being mentored by Eryka Desrosiers, an innovative English teacher in Quebec. We documented our mentee and mentor conversations through sketchnotes, Google Docs, and a couple podcasts. Take a listen to our first one here. If you are a new teacher looking for a mentor, do not be shy to reach out to myself, Noa or Leigh!

Many members of your PLN could mentor you in different ways. All things considered, my advice is to not be scared to find someone to lean on. Find educators, find experts, ask them questions and build relationships with them. Lastly, and most importantly If you keep a growth mindset, ask questions, be yourself, stop comparing and find people to support you - I can almost promise that you will be able to live a successful first year of teaching.

Going into my second semester, I am going to take my own advice. Keep my focus on what works, ask myself how I can improve and continuously try and find balance. An extra resource I want to share for any new teachers reading is the free Disillusionment Power Pack from Roxanna Elden. I don't send these emails to most of the people on my mailing list, nor will you find them on my website.

They are my small experiment in over-sharing for new teachers who are having really bad days right now. If that's you, sign up below to receive emails every few days for one month. Which, as you'll see soon, might be all you really need. You can sign up to receive these emails at: RoxannaElden. This is my school. I have students.

unREAL Education: Beyond Report Cards

I have co-workers. I am so happy. Are you surprised? I hope I can take this feeling into the next few months as the semester progresses. And if not, I will come back to read this blog! Comme ils sont extraordinaires.

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All things considered, emotions have been running high since August 27th. This excitement exists in me, mostly because of the lovely community, supportive staff and kind students I work with. From the librarian to the hall monitors that I see every day, they all play such an important role. Nonetheless, I have been very conscious of how I have been feeling mentally and physically.

I want to make sure that I am taking care of my body and my mind to be the best educator and mentor for my students as well as a supportive team member at school. It goes without saying that I like to take on a lot of things and have a hard time saying no to an opportunity because I am so passionate about everything!!

Now I just have to keep it up. Thanks to my PLN, I have many mentors who are experts in difference areas. Their support has allowed me to grow exponentially as a teacher candidate and now a 1st year teacher as most of my professional development was very personalized.

The best part about this mentorship is that the person helping you is easily accessible. You can open your classroom up to them, you can ask them all of your silly questions and good ones too , you can also get insight on different students and how to approach them. Eryka Desrosiers and I meet up virtually every week to share a debrief of our week and I usually ask her upwards of 20 questions that I note down throughout the week.

She supports me in the creation of my crazy ideas and provides me strategies to overcome certain obstacles I have been facing, whether through planning, teaching, grading, etc. Eryka even wrote a book for new teachers as she was beginning in the profession Check it out here. Edutopia even recently posted an article about how MentorsMatter. As September comes to an end this week, I look forward to finishing my month strong, reflecting on how it went and setting new goals for October. A great strategy as well for how to frame feedback in the classroom.

Not my idea totally stole it from somewhere and someone. Positive relationships I have started building with my students which will ultimately allow me to better connect and help support them in their learning throughout the semester. We have been talking about this a lot, online and in my school recently, but evaluating and assessing less and more efficient and effectively.

I also took a quick vacation at the most magical place on earth to celebrate! I have just recently completed my 2nd year placement of 10 weeks at a high school in Cornwall, Ontario. You can read about it in the previous 9 blog posts!! What better way to end off this placement than create a list of the 30 things I learnt during my placement? Why 30?

Well, it just seemed like well rounded number… I could have written things but time did not allow it.

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Connecting with other teachers helps you in so many ways Coffee is a necessity Respect is the answer to most of your problems in teaching Positive and authentic reinforcement goes a long way Letting the students be the experts is exciting! So smile, be happy and spread the joy. Reward the students and giving them a break sometimes with a good Kahoot is FUN! Oops Teaching is a full time job that you end up bringing home with you every night Finding balance is absolutely positively important - but not easy. Overall, I think that this placement taught me more than words can describe.

I have reflected a lot and grown throughout this journey and luckily have documented it all here!! Et puis, gagner le respect des adolescents n'est pas toujours facile.

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Finding balance. Almost every teacher I spoke with told me that the first years of teaching are always the most difficult. Don't get me wrong, teaching is already super energy draining and exhausting if you are a veteran teacher, let alone having to build units from the ground up, get to know your curriculum, build your resources and teach a full course load in your first years. That being said, since you spend a lot more time planning and prepping and figuring your life out in the first few years of teaching you can't necessarily take on other projects sigh.

I know that this is going to be difficult for me who is someone always looking to get involved!!